Sales Tax Audit: California

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Whether you’re already facing a California sales tax audit or you are just worried about the possibility, PMBA has decades of experience understanding California sales tax and applying that knowledge to ensure compliance while mitigating liability risks. Review opportunities below for customized care about sales taxes in the Golden State.

California’s Unique Take on Sales Tax

Every state has its own unique take on sales taxes. In California, it’s important to understand if and how your products or services are taxed to avoid costly errors or audit penalties. California’s sales tax rate is 7.25%, however, most local jurisdictions apply an additional percentage resulting in numerous tax rates across the state. That makes purchasing, selling, and even owning property complicated for sales tax calculation and compliance.

California tax rates change regularly, with the most recent sales tax requirements effective on April 1, 2022. Even companies that maintained perfect compliance in 2021 may be missing new regulations in 2022, enough to trigger an audit. Of course, companies may face audits even if they haven’t made errors. No matter the reason for an audit, it can be a costly experience.

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    PMBA’s Audit Support

    Enjoy the personalized level of audit support available from PMBA, with resources for California sales tax including:

    • A review of past audits for accuracy
    • Future audit preparation and due diligence
    • Audit defense: handle state notices and negotiate with auditors to lower penalties and interest rates
    • Provide recommendations to improve compliance accuracy and efficiency moving forward
    • Overpayment discovery/recovery through reverse sales and use tax audits

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    If you want a trusted audit partner, our decades of experience will give you the certainty you need during your California sales tax audit. Reach out for a free, 30-minute consultation to learn more.

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