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PMBA Team Approach

Our Approach

We have a TEAM approach to delivering the most valuable recovery services from the best-in-class providers in the US. Our group of recovery services includes:

  • Expense Cost Recovery
  • AP Recovery
  • Unclaimed Property Recovery
  • WOTC
  • Transfer Pricing

Certain larger firms may claim ‘they do it all’. However, our approach will give you access to the top firms in each recovery area under a single TEAM approach.

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Our Partners

Bottom Line Concepts

Bottom Line Concepts is a no-risk, contingency-based cost savings company. They negotiate on behalf of our clients to get the best prices possible from their existing vendors. They audit old invoices for errors getting our clients refunds and credits. They increase the profitability and overall valuation of our client’s organizations.

Technology Insight Corporation

Technology Insight Corporation’s superior data mining tool “Data Shark” significantly reduces the time it takes auditors to identify duplicate payments. Combined with a team of auditors with years of performing statement reviews, TIC can deliver great results on historical overpayments and then implement Data Shark to minimize future overpayments.

ValeU Group

ValeU Group is the top Unclaimed Property recovery firm in the US. ValeU has developed the most extensive database of state, city, and local government lists of unclaimed funds. They also have relationships with government agencies across the US that allows them to expedite the recovery process. Recently ValeU group completed a project with a Fortune 500 company that had multiple employees tracking unclaimed property across the US on spreadsheets. Within several months ValeU group uncovered $2M in unclaimed funds that that was never identified.

Walton Management Services, Inc

Walton Management Services, Inc. (WMS) has been in The Business of Business Incentives™ for over three decades.  With a sole focus on tax credits and incentives (TCI), WMS has an in-house development team, backed by experts in the TCI field, creating, designing, and maintaining TCI solutions unavailable at any other TCI vendor.  WMS nets its clients millions of dollars each year by managing their TCI portfolios, pooling from federal, state, and local funds to which they are entitled to, but often don’t apply. WMS identifies, secures, and administers a myriad of TCI opportunities for companies of all sizes and in all industry sectors, from Fortune 50 corporations to promising new ventures.

Valentiam Group

The Valentiam Group is made up of industry-leading professionals who have worked together for many years. The core of the group has been together for 10 years, and some of our partners have worked together for over two decades. We are thought leaders in the technical aspects of transfer pricing and the valuation of tangible and intangible assets. As noted elsewhere, several of our partners are recognized as being among the World’s Leading Transfer Pricing Advisers by Euromoney magazine.