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Get the Most Out of Your Sales and Use Tax Reverse Audit

In this 2-minute video, you'll learn how PMBA experts execute a reverse sales tax audit in order to restore maximum profits back to your bottom line.

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Recover Overpaid Taxes

It is not uncommon for businesses with $100M+ in spend to overpay $500K in sales & use tax annually. This hemorrhaging of cash not only hurts your bottom line but also exposes your business to needless and repetitive internal errors.

Discover how PMBA’s team of “Big 4” alumni have helped companies identify, analyze, and recover hundreds of millions in overpaid taxes

What is a Reverse Sales Tax Audit?

A reverse sales and use tax audit is the process of reviewing previous years of purchase data in an effort to find erroneous sales or use tax charges or accruals. Generally, these errors are due to a misapplication of tax laws by the seller or oversight of an exemption provided by the state.

How Far Back Does a Reverse Sales Tax Audit Go?

The statute of limitations varies from state to state.  Some states, like NY, carry a three-year look back, while others, like NJ, have a four year-year lookback period. Additionally, clients going through a sales tax audit can have an extended lookback period to offset the current audit period.

How Often Should You Complete a Reverse Sales Tax Audit?

A typical reverse sales and use tax audit should be completed every 2-3 years.

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    Sales Tax Recovery

    How PMBA Can Help

    PMBA can provide you with a team of Recovery Engineers to close this gap. Recovery Engineers assist companies with locating and recovering overpayments and assist in process improvements to ensure it does not happen again. Our team has over 20 years of experience and has helped companies identify and recover over $200M in sales tax.

    When it comes to sales and use tax, size doesn’t matter. Our team has had success in finding $250K in overpayments for companies with as little as $25M in revenue.