Sales Tax Consulting

Sales Tax Consulting

The life cycle of a company’s sales tax responsibilities is never-ending. Perhaps you’ve made the difficult decision on how to register, collect, and remit sales tax, but soon after, you receive a notice for a state sales tax audit. Or maybe you’re experiencing rapid growth and need to review new product codes to update your sales tax collection process. It could be you’ve been asked to perform due diligence on an upcoming acquisition, and you need to determine if there is historical liability and establish an integration plan. Whatever the scenario, the sales tax consultants at PMBA can help you every step of the way.

Comprehensive Sales Tax Nexus Study

Sales tax nexus is the connection between a state and a business entity. If a business is determined to have nexus in a particular state, that means the company has sufficient presence in the state to create tax obligations. This means a business has obligations to register, collect, and remit sales tax to a state for sales tax purposes.

A sales tax nexus study is a review of your business activities to determine your sales tax collection responsibilities. This study will cover both economic and physical presence requirements. PMBA’s sales tax consultants also provide an additional layer of analysis to this study and identify other taxes you may be required to comply with.

Several factors blur the lines of state sales tax nexus. For example:

  • After the Wayfair ruling, an increased number of states expanded their definition of nexus.
  • In another instance, the Federal government continues to pass various forms of the Marketplace Fairness Act, requiring many remote sellers to collect sales tax.
  • The expansion of the service industry also makes it difficult to determine whether certain business activities will create nexus.

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    Tax Matrix and Determinations

    50 states, 50 different sets of sales tax laws. Once you have determined which states require you to collect sales tax, you must verify if your product or services are taxable. While some consistencies exist, not all states tax the same transactions in a similar manner.

    Our sales tax advisors can help various companies complete customized tax matrices for their unique service lines. For difficult tax decisions, PMBA can also help you work with states to get a formal ruling or decision.

    Tax Technology

    Manual sales tax processes can lead to increased errors, exhausted employee resources, and poor compliance and audit results. But with the proper implementation and utilization of sales tax technology, you can free up your resources and focus on other strategic priorities!

    PMBA can help companies evaluate an array of tax technology options for your business. Our experts are also certified implementers for specific tax solutions, helping clients integrate efficiently and correctly or provide necessary updates.

    Whether you are reviewing your current systems for automation tools (like Avalara) or would like to consider one of PMBA’s proprietary technology solutions like TaxCertHub, we can help you sort through the options and find the right solution for your company.

    Sales Tax Audit Defense

    Even with the best tax planning and tax technology, sales tax audits can still occur. Our experts have helped clients resolve hundreds of sales tax audits over the past 25 years. With extensive expertise combined with a deep knowledge of multistate sales tax rules, our sales tax consultants can be a valuable asset to your company. We can handle the full audit process, or prior to closing the sales tax audit, we can determine if any opportunities were missed. PMBA’s proprietary technology can help you develop an audit plan or assist in reducing any audit liability. In many cases, PMBA has turned assessment liabilities into net refunds.

    Voluntary Disclosure Agreement

    Even for the most well-prepared, well-organized business, it’s not uncommon to overlook existing or historical tax liabilities. When these missed requirements come to light, it can be alarming (and detrimental) for the company’s responsible parties.  However, for qualified businesses, a Voluntary Disclosure Agreement (“VDA”) can alleviate some of the pain.

    A Voluntary Disclosure Agreement is an arrangement with the government to abate or lessen penalties and reduce the look-back period for any type of tax that you might owe. In general, these agreements can only be completed if a taxpayer has not been contacted for an audit. However, there are arrangements that can be made even if you are currently complying with tax laws.

    Find out if a VDA is right for you by contacting one of our experts today.

    Whether your company is just beginning to understand how sales tax will impact your company, or your large corporation is looking for assistance with a complicated sales tax audit, PMBA is ready to help. If you’re not certain about your current processes, PMBA can offer a no-cost assessment and provide your firm with valuable feedback.

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