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Three of the Biggest Challenges Faced by Most Managing Partners

  • The ability to differentiate their CPA firm from others
  • Offering true value-added specialty tax services without making a significant in-house investment
  • Staying on top of current trends and best practices for clients across numerous industries and states

PMBA can help you solve these challenges. Through our TRUSTED PARTNER program, our consultants work closely with your team to implement best practices and provide specialty tax services such as R&D Tax CreditsCost Segregation, and State & Local Tax for your clients.

To be a TRUSTED ADVISOR to your clients you need a TRUSTED PARTNER.

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    Our TRUSTED PARTNER Program Offers:

    • The ability to create new streams of revenue and billable hours for your firm
    • Around the clock access to our team of professionals
    • Commitment to on-site or virtual meetings with your firm to discuss new opportunities for your clients
    • Access to exclusive content on all specialty tax services that you can offer to your clients
    • Flexible billing and engagement agreements

    Service Lines

    Accounting Methods & Period Planning

    • UNICAP
    • DPAD
    • LIFO/FIFO Analysis

    Comprehensive Fixed Asset Analysis

    R&D Tax Credit

    • Federal Level
    • Multi-State Level

    Energy Tax Incentives

    Movies & Television Production Tax Incentives

    Software Implementation (Certified Avalara Implementers)

    Client consulting with a agent


    How – and Why – to Introduce Clients to Specialty Accounting and Tax Services

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