Eric Carrasco

Small and Medium-sized Businesses (SMBS) and Sales Tax Audits

States continue to lose massive revenue streams with sales tax as one of the most profitable sources. While some states have adopted sales tax relief for small and […]

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When Should I File a Voluntary Disclosure Agreement (VDA)?

For some businesses, applying for a voluntary disclosure agreement (VDA) has never been a more favorable option than it is today. Although, knowing when to file […]

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Sales Tax in the Digital Marketing World

The sales tax implications for online and digital advertisers have come under scrutiny in several states. Sales tax auditors have contested the services provided by advertisers […]

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PM Business Advisors Announces Partnership with Avalara

As experts in sales tax software technology, we understand the importance of automating your sales tax compliance process. That is why we are proud to announce […]

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Wayfair & The Economic Nexus Impact on Art Dealers

The Supreme Court recently released its decision on the landmark sales tax case, South Dakota v. Wayfair. The Court overturned the “physical presence” standard that previously […]

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Sales Tax Pitfalls for Event Planners

Recently New York has made it a priority to perform sales tax audits on many event planning businesses. Event planning is a broad term that can […]

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