PM Business Advisors to Host Collaberex Business to Business Networking Event

February 10, 2016
Firm News , News and Insights

On Thursday, February 18th, PM Business Advisors LLC will be hosting a Collaberex Lead Generation Event at their White Plains location, located at 333 Westchester Ave, East Building Suite 1101. The event will start promptly at 4:00 and go until 5:30pm.

Collaberex is a Business Development Services company that specializes in Peer Advisory and Lead Generation. Collaberex “puts the right people in the room with non-competing networks who share best practices and client referrals,” connecting, collaborating and exchanging business. Our networking event is proven to establish connections and relationships with the right people for you.

As a small business owner, it can be challenging to increase sales and generate leads without overspending on marketing and advertising. Attendees will receive invaluable business development advice from other professionals who understand their challenges and have compatible networks.

Sign up for this event at the Collaberex website HERE. We look forward to collaborating with you soon.