Connect Avalara to Your Billing System – A Case Study

June 15, 2021
Case Studies
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The Challenge

The client had requirements to register for sales tax in 30 different states due to multiple nexus reasons (employee presence, economic presence, inventory storage, etc.) With such high exposure across multiple states, the client decided to automate their sales tax processes by connecting Avalara to their accounting system.

Before authorizing Avalara to register the company in multiple states, the client engaged with PMBA to help determine their best options forward. In addition to the complications involving several years of uncollected sales taxes across 30 states, there were income tax ramifications resulting from their exposure.

How PMBA Helped

PMBA’s multi-state indirect tax experts guided the client through complicated income tax issues hand-in-hand with their sales tax obligations. Our team also helped reduce the company’s sales tax burden by establishing new processes and claiming applicable exemptions to capture their true liability across multiple states. By doing so, the client received the best path forward to compliance in each state while minimizing their exposure.

Now the client can use Avalara’s sales tax automation with peace of mind knowing they are compliant in the required states without hidden surprises in the future!

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