[Webinar] Leveraging Technology to Restore Lost Revenue

November 27, 2020
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State & Local Tax

Learn Proactive Audit Strategies

Watch the recording to learn about proactive audit strategies that can restore lost revenue to your bottom line!

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    During this webinar, PMBA and TIC experts – along with Chris Peraino, Senior Director of Domestic Tax at Henry Schein, and Bill Stewart, Director of Accounting and Accounts Payable at Aramark – discuss how technology and data are key to identifying and restoring lost revenue caused by process errors or erroneous overpayments.

    Speakers cover:

    • The demonstrated relevance and value of Accounts Payable and Sales & Use Tax audit strategies
    • How advancements in technologies use AI to capture more data (incl. purchase analytics), detect errors sooner, identify exposure areas, and ultimately add value to the bottom line
    • Steps you can take now to identify and repair broken processes or exposed areas leading to financial leakage
    • Protect your company from future errors or over-payments

    Find Out If Your Company is a Good Candidate for a Reverse Audit