Overlooked Packaging Sales & Use Tax Exemptions

Packaging exemptions are some of the most overlooked by the manufacturing and retail industries. Many states have broad definitions of packaging that can extend beyond the product that physically contains it, such as labels, wrapping, tape, plastic, and twine.

California Revenue & Tax Code Sec. 6364

California offers a broadly defined packaging exemption. And recently, PMBA identified a unique opportunity to recover refunds from a packaging company that has not correctly applied the exemption for numerous buyers.

Under California’s current fact pattern, your company may be entitled to recover payments retroactively from eight years prior.

Over $1M in Annual Spend?

We strongly urge you to contact us to see if your packaging purchases qualify.

Proven Success

A national retailer with $500M in annual sales recovered over $800K.


Recover up to 8 years of overpayments.

Limited Time

The eight-year retroactive period will end soon.

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