Sales Tax Audit: Illinois

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Worried about an Illinois sales tax audit? PMBA understands the nuances of Illinois sales tax. Find out how we can reduce the stress of an audit and bring your sales tax compliance up to speed.

An Overview of Illinois Taxes

Illinois has some of the most complicated sales tax requirements, especially when it comes to the city of Chicago. The base 6.25% state sales rate has been in place since 1933, but depending on the product or service, businesses may also be subject to collect and remit additional rates at the local level as well as other transaction taxes like PPLT or Amusement Taxes.

Illinois calculates sales tax using an origin-based calculation method, so rates are determined by vendor location. And, unlike states that adopt the Streamlined Sales and Use Tax Agreement, Illinois sales tax compliance (and non-compliance) can be more difficult to navigate.

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    Get Support with PMBA

    PMBA has decades of experience supporting businesses with their Illinois sales tax audits. Here are a few ways we can help with sales tax in Illinois as part of our full-service, customized model:

    • Review past audits for accuracy
    • Conduct a reverse sales and use tax audit to uncover overpayments (when applicable)
    • Analyze historical tax records to identify possible underpayments
    • Audit defense: liaise with state auditors to lower penalties and reduce the interest rate on existing reviews
    • Create a custom compliance strategy to limit liabilities and prevent future errors
    • Assist with ongoing compliance (i.e., registrations, return filing, due diligence)

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    Combining decades of experience with personalized service, PMBA is a trusted audit partner here in the Prairie State. Start with a complimentary 30-minute consultation that will give you immediately implementable steps. Discover the PMBA difference today.

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